The Maison
Jewellery is one of the oldest form of art

Our Story unfolds over almost four decades – driven by the passion of being an artist Tamara Gallinaro established our company in Milan in 1993. Creativity, craftmenship and freedom have always been essential protagonists in our wonderful job.

Our vision
Re-imagining beauty to create exquisite jewellery pieces

We are setting out to combine the beauty of intricate traditional jewellery design with modern design cues in order to create exquisite pieces that are a joy to behold – and to own.

Perfection is by its very definition something that is unattainable, particularly in the field of design. In reality it’s a constantly moving target. That said, it is the intention to try to achieve it, to chase the dream, that creates the environment for wonderful things to happen. And that is what drives Riccardo Gallinaro.

He was captivated by beauty from an early age, having had the privilige to be brought up in Milan – that melting pot of beauty and tradition – where he was introduced by his mother to the world of ethereal handmade jewellery. Tamara Gallinaro started as an artisan, working and displaying her craft in Milan, particularly the romantic Brera artist’s quarter, and it is fair to say that she is the defining influence in Riccardo’s life.

As with many fashion designers, during his early youth he had the privilege of learning different techniques about this wonderful art within the artisan studio environment of the family’s business. This was enough to light his passion and make it abundantly clear what he wanted to do with his life – namely to create gorgeous jewellery pieces that are influenced by traditional values, yet also inspired by the wider world.
With this in mind he set out at the start of his adventure.

Although it was difficult to part from his beloved family and country Riccardo recognised that a whole new challenge beckoned. He left romantic Italy to move to London and became a student at the British Jewellery Academy of London. He also went exploring the world on numerous trips to its far flung corners in order to bring back materials and inspiration.
There’s one other key factor that his Milanese upbringing gave him – the ability to see how beauty could work as a business. Arriving in London he set up a stall in the famous Camden market and this has become the starting point for a retail brand with big ambitions.

Riccardo’s is an adventure story that is only in its early chapters. Many of its pages are empty at the moment but if you look carefully you can see the faintest of sketches across them… and those sketches are exquisite. We hope that in the coming years you’ll help us to write the stories that frame them.